2014 'DBZ TCG' Art Reveal

Starters and Boosters

Package art and playmat for rebooted Dragon Ball Z TCG.
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Will 'Deadpool' Movie Be Censored?

May Have PG-13 Rating

Can the Merc with a Mouth mind his f-bombs?
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Winners and Losers in the New Convention Economy

By Rob Salkowitz

Shifting dynamics affect creators and exhibitors.
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Superhero TV Round-Up

'Powers' Pic; DC/Marvel Strategy; Casting News

The first pic from Powers, a comparison of Marvel and DC TV strategy, and casting news.
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Rolling for Initiative--A Dang Busy Weekend

Column by Scott Thorne

This week, Thorne talks about the week that Khans of Tarkir, D&D Monster Manual, and Space Hulk all hit his store.
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DVD Round-Up: 'Attack on Titan,' 'Ghost in the Shell,' 'The 100,' & 'Neighbors'

Week of September 23rd, 2014

The second part of Attack on Titan is due on Tuesday.
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'Maze Runner' Leads Box Office Revival

Kevin Smith's 'Tusks' Weak in Limited Release

Guardians passes Iron Man 2, next up the original Iron Man.
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Two New 'Star Realms' Expansions

'Crisis' and 'Gambit'

Crisis in Q4, with Gambit planned for 2015.
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Mark Millar 'Starlight' Movie Nabs 'Star Wars' Writer

Gary Whitta

Gary Whitta is also writing first stand-alone Star Wars film.
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Now All Major Networks Have Live-Action Comic Series

'Supergirl' on CBS

CBS has series commitment to Supergirl.
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'Suicide Squad' Names Director

David Ayer

Warner Bros. finalizing deal with David Ayer.
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Valiant Humble Bundle to Benefit CBLDF and Hero Initiative

Single Largest Comic Bundle Offered

Single largest comic bundle ever offered.
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