First Good Look at New Batmobile From 'Batman v. Superman'

More Armored Dune Buggy Than Street Cruiser

More armored dune buggy than street cruiser.
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Confessions of a Comic Book Guy--Variations on a Theme

Column by Steve Bennett

This week, Bennett looks at Marvel’s anti-bullying variant covers.
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'Cap 3' to Set the Stage for 'Avengers 3'

The Russo Brothers Explain the Marvel Studio Method

The Russos explain the Marvel Studios method of movie creation.
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New 'Tide of Iron' Core Set

In October From 1A Games

1A Games has produced a new Tide of Iron Core Set.
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'Flash' Producers Confirm 'Supergirl' Rumors, Hint at Wally West

Suggest That Changes in West’s Background Made With TV in Mind

Were Wally West changes made with TV in mind?
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CGE to Handle Its Own English Language Distribution

New Edition of 'Tash-Kalar' & 'Expansion Deck' in the Works

CGE to distribute its own games in US starting later this year.
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Darwyn Cooke Draws 23 Variant Covers for DC

In December

Cooke brings his smooth retro stylings to December.
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Is a 'Legion of Super-Heroes' Movie in Development?

What 'Guardians' Has Wrought

Studio is fishing for takes by sending Legion of Super-Heroes comics to writers.
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Barnes & Noble Slows the Bleeding

Stock Rises as Losses Decline

Stock hits 52 week high as losses decline.
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Three New Books for the Business-Inclined Fan

Column by Rob Salkowitz

New releases that cover comics business related topics.
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'DC Dice Masters Justice League Dice-Building Game'

From WizKids in March

DC Dice Masters Justice League dice buidling game due in March.
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First Look at 'Firefly Clue'

USAopoly Readies Licensed 'Walking Dead,' 'Halo,' 'Supernatural,' & 'Pokemon' Games

Check out the fall USAopoly list of licensed games.
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