Strong July Comic Sales Turn Year Positive

'Guardians' Sells Comics, Too

Big enough to turn the year positive after a soft first half.
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DC Plans 22 'LEGO' Variants

For November

November covers tied to release of LEGO Batman 3 video game.
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'Trains 2: Rising Sun'

In September

New stand-alone follow-up to strategy board game Trains.
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In November

New card game, by design/art team of Machi Koro, in November.
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Chaos! One-shots in October

'The Chosen,' 'Bad Kitty'

Dynamite Entertainment shared some insight into future plans for the Chaos! Universe line.
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No Panic After Flat Spring

In Comics and Graphic Novels

ICv2 found widespread optimism despite a flat Spring in comics.
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July BookScan--Top 20 Graphic Novels

Big Launch for 'Seconds,' DC Beats Image!

‚ÄčSeconds: A Graphic Novel, Bryan Lee O’Malley's long-awaited follow-up to Scott Pilgrim, had a strong launch.
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'Avengers 2' Filming Wraps

Joss Whedon Bored

Joss Whedon tweets postmodern selfie announcing wrap.
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From AEG in Q3

New cyberpunk card game from AEG this fall.
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Hayao Miyazaki to Return?

News Leaked in Wake of Studio Ghibli Shutdown Rumors

News shared by producer clarifying Studio Ghibli shutdown rumors.
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Disney's Marvel Movie Park Promotion

'Big Hero 6' Gets Theme Park Presence

Big Hero 6 will have theme park presense this fall.
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New 'Flash' Trailer is Nod to Comic Fans

With Mark Waid Tagline

Mark Waid tagline used as coded kudos to source material.
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