Marvel Movie Licensees Rumor Round-up

Spider-movies, 'Fantastic Four'

There have been some rumors flying on both Sony and Fox Marvel movies, which we collect here.
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First 10 Titles for 'Convergence'

Creative Teams Announced for Week One Series

Creative teams for week one series announced.
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'Sky Tango'

From Z-Man Games

New light card game from Z-Man Games in 2015.
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'Star Munchkin Deluxe'

In March

SJG will release deluxe version in March.
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'Pretty Pretty Smash Up'

In March

New addition to the Smash Up line due in March.
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CBLDF Raises $70,000

In Comic Retailer Membership Drive

Via comic retailer membership drive by Diamond Comic Distributors.
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Loot Crate Wakes 'The Walking Dead'

As Seven Titles Top 100,000

The Walking Dead sold over 300,000 as seven titles topped 100,000.
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'Evil Dead' Series on Starz

In 2015

Starz has ordered ten half-hour episodes of a new Evil Dead series. 
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'The Cypher System Rulebook'

From Monte Cooke Games

Monte Cooke Games releasing in-house RPG system rulebook in Summer 2015.
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Marvel Plans 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' #1 Launch Party

New Year's Eve Party

Exclusive items available for December 31 event.
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Games Magazine's Top Games

2014 List for 2013 Titles

Titles from Rio Grande, Queen, Gryphon, R&R, more.
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'Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Assemble'

In May

New Booster and Dice & Token Packs in May.
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