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Tough Comparables Slow Comic Growth

'Civil War' Was Big in 2006

Published: 09/18/2007 12:00am

Tough comparables continue to keep the market for comics and graphic novels in the direct market growing at a more sedate 5% pace, after blistering the charts with double digit growth earlier this year.  Strong sales of the Civil War line in the comparable months a year ago hurt comic category growth rates in both July and August, with a 7% growth rate in August after a 6% growth rate in July. 


The fact that the market is eking out gains against such a major editorial event in the year ago period is actually an indicator of a strong underlying market this year.  The big drop-off in Countdown sales vs. 52's isn't helping either,  making the continued growth, albeit at a slower pace, even more impressive. 


Graphic novels were down 6% vs. 2006 in August, because graphic novels were also having a strong summer in 2006, with over 11,000 copies of the $19.99 Marvel Zombies hardcover sold in August 2006.

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