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2005 Graphic Novel Sales in Comic Stores up 10%

Periodicals Up 4%

Published: 01/18/2006 12:00am

Despite a weak finish, graphic novel sales finished out the year up 10% in comic stores, according to our analysis of Diamond's sales to comic stores based on the monthly Top 100 Graphic Novel report.  Since backlist sales have also been strong this year, that percentage may understate the actual growth. 


December graphic novel sales were down 10%; fourth quarter graphic novel sales, despite a rockin' November, were down 1%. 


December comic periodical sales were up 6%.  Fourth quarter comic sales were up 5%.  And comic periodical sales were up only 4% for the year, which may be less than the average price increase. 


The combined total of comic and graphic novels sales in comic stores was up a respectable 5% for the year, tying the 5% increase in 2004 (see 'Q4 Down, 2004 Up').  The 2004 increase was the same for periodicals and graphic novels, vs. the weighting toward graphic novel increases in 2005.
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