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'Fables' Tops Comic Store GNs

In November

Published: 12/21/2008, Last Updated: 12/23/2008 01:40am

Fables Vol. 11 topped the graphic novel charts in comic stores in November, with around 12,800 sold in, a slight drop from the number sold in for Volume 10.  The property is due for a boost from upcoming TV exposure (see “Fables Pilot”).

’s Micheal Turner Tribute Graphic Novel was the #2 book in November, the only other book with over 10,000 copies sold in by Diamond.


Absolute Sandman Vol. 4 was the top dollar book, with around 3500 copies sold of the $99 colllection.  The Watchmen hardcover was a close second, and Watchmen in total (hardcover and trade paperback combined) was the #1 property in comic stores for the month.       


Marvel’s top graphic novel title in November, Hulk Vol. 1: Red Hulk HC, clocked in at #13, below the books of six other publishers, and below the top manga.


Naruto Vol. 32 was the top manga with around 5,300 copies sold in to comic stores, separated by only a few hundred copies from Fruits Basket Vol. 21.


Diamond released rankings and indexes for a full 300 book titles for November, the longest list ever.  This reveals sales on some of the lower-ranked new releases and on more backlist titles. 


The dollars in the Top 100 Graphic Novels for November 2008 were almost the same as those in November 2007.

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